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A large inventory of quilt patterns from Doodle Press Quilt Designs by Cara Gugliati. Radiant Suns with Acrylic Templates Variegated Vortex quilt pattern with acrylic template by Doodle Press Designs. Variegated Vortex with Acrylic Templates
Radiant suns glow in this fun pattern. Five curved pieces make up a 10" block. Instructions include step-by-step piecing without pins! Acrylic templates are included. This pattern finishes about 68"W x 88" L. This is another curved piecing pattern with 4 pieces that make up an 8" block. Directions include piecing without pins! Acrylic templates are included. This quilt finishes about 58"W x 74"L.
Code: DP-RadSun-Temp Code: DP-VarVortex-Temp
Price: $34.00 Price: $34.00
Doodle Press Radiant Suns quilt pattern. Radiant Suns Quilt Pattern Doodle Press Variegated Vortex quilt pattern. Variegated Vortex Quilt Pattern
The Radiant Suns Pattern without the acrylic templates. The Variegated Vortex pattern without acrylic templates.
Code: DP-RadSun Code: DP-VarVortex
Price: $8.00 Price: $8.00
River Reflections quilt pattern from Doodle Press. River Reflections Quilt Pattern Doodle Press Good Gyrations quilt pattern deisgned by Cara Gulati. Good Gyrations Quilt Pattern
The use of color makes these fabulous waves in this quilt. Simple curved seam piecing makes this quilt easy to sew without pins. Instructions for a 43" square and large of approximately 92 ½" x 71" provided. This quilt pattern had options for this small quilt on the front and a larger scrappy version. The finished size of the small quilt is a 52" square. Finished size of the large quilt is 66" x 88".
Code: DP-RiverReflect Code: DP-Gyrations
Price: $8.00 Price: $8.00
Petaling Petals quilt pattern from Cara Gulati and Doodle Press. Petaling Petals Quilt Pattern Vivid Visions quilt pattern from Doodle Press and Cara Gulati. Vivid Visions Quilt Pattern
A cute quilt of cute flowers in circles. Use brite colors to bring the quilt to life! This quilt is a 88" x 105 ½". Gentle curves make piecing with out pins a cinch! Use vivid and contrasting fabrics to bring this quilt to life. Finished size is 72" x 56".
Code: DP-Petaling Code: DP-VividVisions
Price: $8.00 Price: $8.00
Doodle Press Triangle Tango quilt pattern designed by Cara Gulati. Triangle Tango Quilt Pattern Doodle Press quilt patterns, cara gulati Curvy Coins Quilt Pattern
Contrasting curves and triangles make this quilt appear intricate! It's fast, fun, wacky and done quickly! This quilt is a 54" square. Use vibrant colors to make this quilt.
Code: DP-TriangleTango Code: DP-CurvCoins
Price: $8.00 Price: $8.00
Wacky Waves quilt pattern by Cara Gulati and Doodle Press Designs. Wacky Waves Quilt Pattern Cara Gulati Jazzy Jewels quilt pattern, Doodle Press quilt patterns Jazzy Jewels Quilt Pattern
I wouldn't sew that curve either. That's why this design is fused! It's fast, fun, wacky and done quickly! This quilt is a 66" square. Grab every color out of your stash and piece this fabulous gem! Gradations are the key to the luminescence of this quilt. There are no points to match, so you are a guaranteed success! This quilt is almost a 40" square.
Code: DP-WackWavs Code: DP-JazzyJewl
Price: $8.00 Price: $8.00
Fucshai Fireworks quilt pattern, Doodle Press Fuchsia Fireworks Quilt Pattern Spinning Tops quilt pattern, Doodle Press quilts Twirling Tops Quilt Pattern
I just know you want more curves without pins play with! Here is your chance. Nothing like a little fuchsia, purple and blue to create a calm and elegant feeling! This quilt is 48"W x 56"L. These wonderful paper-pieced and machine appliqued disks have been mistaken for flying saucers! Paper patterns included. This quilt is a 56" square.
Code: DP-FuchFirewrks Code: DP-TwirlTops
Price: $8.00 Price: $12.00
Fantastic Fans quilt pattern, Cara Gulati, Doodle Press quilt designs Fantastic Fans Quilt Pattern Cara Gulati Doodle Press Quilt patterns, Mosaic Madness quilt pattern Mosaic Madness Quilt Pattern
More curved piecing for more fun! Four blocks make up this old fashioned fan shape. Your favorite oranges, neon greens and purples are used to create this colorful quilt. Finished measurements are 59"W X 75"L. The inspiration for this quilt came from a tile floor in Chicago. The shapes are fused and very fast.Yes, glue is my friend! This quilt is a 57" square.
Code: DP-FantasFans Code: DP-MosaicMad
Price: $8.00 Price: $8.00
Doodle Press Circus Circles Circus Circles Quilt Pattern    
Combine dark and brilliant colors for this quilt.  
Code: DP-CircCircl  
Price: $8.00  
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